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Use The Internet Or The Strayer Library To Research Articles On Evaluating The V

Must be 200 words must cite work. For Health Information Systems class.

Analyze the reasons, discussed in Chapter 17 of the text, why IT fails to deliver returns. Next, discuss the main steps that management could take in order to address the reasons why IT fails to deliver returns. Provide a rationale for your response. From the e-Activity, review the main factors that challenge the realization of IT value within health care organizations. Next, select one (1) health care provider, and discuss the manner in which the chosen organization assesses the value of IT investments and ensures that the value is delivered.

The reasons discussed in Chapter 17 are:

The magnitude of the organization’s IT operating and capital budgets is large.

The projected growth in IT budgets exceeds the growth in other budgeting categories.

Regardless of the amount spent, some members of the leadership team feel that not enough is being spent.

It is difficult to evaluate IT capital requests.

When asked to ” list three instances over the last five years where IT investments have resulted in clear and unarguable returns to the organization” leaders may return blank stares.

Failing to clearly link IT investments and organizational strategy.

Asking the wrong question.

Conducting the wrong analysis.

Not stating Investment Goals.

Not managing outcomes.

Leaping to an inappropriate solution.

Mangling the project management.

Failing to learn from studies of IT effectiveness.

This was the e-activity: Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research articles on evaluating the value of health information systems within health care organizations, and select one (1) organization which values IT investment. Be prepared to discuss.

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