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Uop Mgt521 Final Exam December 2015


Ethnocentric managers believe that their native country, culture, language, and behavior __________________.

are outdated

need to be changed

are hurtful to others

are superior to all others

Joan, a new manager, must enforce sales report deadlines, but her team is struggling. She creates a new system to streamline the process and helps everyone understand why the deadlines are important. This is an example of which force for change?

demographic characteristics


shareholder, customer, and market changes

human resource concerns

According to Kotter, management and leadership are considered to be _____.

almost entirely unrelated

causal; that is, management causes leadership

opposing forces

complementary to each other

A goal is also known as a(n) ______________.




business plan

Organizations using a matrix structure _____.

contain two command structures, in which some people actually report to two bosses

centralize authority into a single person

establish a hierarchy in which employees report to only one supervisor

contain multiple overlapping command structures, in which employees report to several managers

Which balanced scorecard perspective helps top management’s judgment to be better linked to measures of employee actions at lower levels?

Operational perspective

Financial perspective

Customer perspective

Internal business perspective

Wanda, a CEO, has been encouraging her managers to study and utilize theoretical perspectives of management because this approach _____.

is an effective synergy-building approach

emphasizes diversity

builds a strong family-type culture

provides clues to the meaning of your managers’ decisions

Strategic, tactical, and operational are the ____________.

levels of diversity

strategic levels

phases of the environment

three levels of planning

Dave owns several computer repair shops across the Midwest, and he has set a goal for his company of cutting costs in all his locations over the next three years. Dave has set a(n) ____.

strategic goal

tactical goal

business plan

management guideline

The management approach that emphasized ways to manage work more efficiently is the ________ viewpoint.





_______ is about coping with complexity and ______ is about coping with change.

middle management, top management

attitude, perception

management, leadership

leadership, management

Peter, the owner of Happy Burger, is involved in the company’s daily decisions and has established procedures for every task. The company rules are clearly specified in the handbook, and Peter also believes in close supervision of all employees. Happy Burger is a(n) _______ organization.





Which of the following is a common reason some women face a glass ceiling?

inability to motivate others

lack of mentors

inability to produce high-quality work

poor financial performance

Phone Tech, a global phone company, frequently needs to respond quickly to the fast-changing consumer tastes with its phones. Therefore, management has fewer rules and procedures than most organizations, and networks of employees are encouraged to cooperate and respond quickly to unexpected tasks and changes in technology. Phone Tech is utilizing a(n) ____ structure.





Research indicates that women tend to display more _____, while men tend to display more ______.

social leadership, task leadership

democratic leadership, servant leadership

autocratic leadership, democratic leadership

task leadership, social leadership

Jimmy’s supervisor noticed that he was struggling with the computerized setup for production runs at his new job. The supervisor observed him while he tried it again and gave suggestions for improvement. The supervisor is doing which step of the control process?

Establish standards

Take corrective action

Compare performance to standards

Measure performance

Susan is a front-line supervisor in a grocery retailer. She desires to decrease the time she spends doing her daily closing work. This objective set by Susan and for her is an example of a(n) ____.

front-line goal

operational goal

supervisory guideline

tactical goal

18. In the strategic-management process, the final step, maintaining strategic control, is the source of _____.

the organizational mission

the current realty assessment

strategy formulation

feedback and evaluation

Regina apologized to Clay for an e-mail that upset him. She said she had chosen an inconsiderate way of stating her idea, and that she’d be happy to discuss it further. Regina is _____.

practicing shared leadership

exercising personalized power

initiating structure

expressing consideration behaviour

In order, the steps of the strategic-management process are _____.

establish the mission; maintain strategic control; formulate the grand strategy; implement the strategy

establish the vision; develop a mission statement; formulate the grand strategy; implement the strategy; maintain the feedback loop

establish the mission and vision; assess the current reality; formulate the grand strategy; implement the strategy; maintain strategic control

establish the mission and vision; assess the current reality; conduct a trend analysis; maintain the feedback loop

The systems viewpoint sees organizations as entities made up of interrelated parts known as __________.

planning, design, inputs, monitoring, outputs, follow-up feedback

planning, inputs, monitoring, outputs, feedback

planning, designing, monitoring, production, feedback

inputs, outputs, transformation processes, feedbac

Inside forces for change include which of the following?

advancements in automation


low productivity and turnover


With small businesses in very competitive industries, small differences in performance may affect that company’s survival. So in this case, it is worth the effort to implement _______.

strategic planning



organizational diversity

The upper management of a large national retail grocery store has passed along the new goals of improving customer service to the district managers. At this point, the district managers need to determine how the stores in their district will achieve top management’s goal with the given resources during the next 6 to 24 months. This type of planning is known as ____.

operational planning

middle-level planning

working-level planning


Don, the owner of a fishing business, attended an entrepreneurship workshop that discussed the triple bottom line, which measures an organization’s _________, ____________, ___________ performance.

financial, diversity, environmental

marketing, profit, efficiency

social, environmental, financial

social, synergy, diversity

David is starting a karate school, and he has been working with Mr. Smith, a business counselor with the SBA. Mr. Smith told David that the first three steps to planning his organization are (in the correct order) ___________, ____________, ____________.

strategic planning, mission statement, vision statement

strategic planning, operational planning, vision statement

mission statement, vision statement, strategic planning

operational planning, mission statement, hiring plan

27. Of the following, which is the best way for leaders to cope with change?

engaging in virtual planning

aligning people

optimizing technology

lobbying the government

Employees are likely to see an adaptive change as __________.

totally unacceptable

moderately threatening

least threatening

highly threatening

29. Typically, operational control is accomplished through reports issued _____.





30. The process of instituting ongoing small, incremental improvements in all parts of an organization is called _____.


continuous improvement

radical innovation


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