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Strayer Bus310 Week 1 Quiz Latest 2016 Jan


Question 1

____ include all individuals who gain knowledge and utilize the information effectively to enhance the organization.

a. Group members

b. Recruiting teams

c. Selection specialists

d. Knowledge workers

e. Training networks

Question 2

A large computer chip manufacturer has just hired another firm to perform its applicant background checks. Which of the following is likely part of this process?

a. Theory Z

b. Theory X

c. Organizational culture

d. Strategic organization

e. Outsourcing

Question 3

The modern term used to describe the management of people is

a. administrative synthesis.

b. compliance management.

c. strategic formulation.

d. personnel management.

e. human resource management

Question 4

The managers who are directly involved in creating goods and service are known as

a. HR managers.

b. staff managers.

c. line managers.

d. chief executive managers.

e. executive team managers

Question 5

Which of the following is NOT a specific requirement for being a successful human resource manager?

a. An understanding of the legal environment

b. General management skills and abilities

c. Fundamental understanding of other functional areas

d. A degree in human resource management

e. Knowledge of business and corporate strategy

Question 6

The basic notion of the human relations movement was that

a. employees had to be intimidated to be motivated

b. technology was in decline

c. satisfied employees would work harder for the company

d. unions were a waste of time

e. group work must be avoided in companies

Question 7

The HRCI offers several certifications, including all of the following EXCEPT the

a. PHR




e. all of these are certifications offered by the HRCI

Question 8

In the 1930s and 1940s, units within a company that dealt with employees’ behavioral challenges and issues were called

a. TQM groups

b. scientific administration.

c. personnel departments.

d. MBO operations.

e. planning parties

Question 9

Who would typically have responsibility for carrying out human resource activities in a small, independent business?

a. The human resource manager

b. The owner or general manager

c. A human resource specialist

d. An operating manager

e. A secretary or an administrative assistant

Question 10

Early research determining that individual and group behavior was important to organizations involved the

a. Hawthorne Studies.

b. scientific management groups.

c. total quality management investigations.

d. use of employee testing.

e. outsourcing studies

Question 11

The widespread use of ____ has affected how HR systems are delivered.

a. line managers

b. staff managers

c. executive teams

d. electronic technology

e. person-job fit principles

Question 12

The goals of human resource management typically include all of the following activities EXCEPT

a. facilitating organizational competitiveness.

b. enhancing productivity and quality.

c. complying with legal and social obligations.

d. promoting individual growth and development.

e. overseeing financial reporting as part of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Question 13

One of the first factors that increased the importance of human resource management was

a. the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

b. the worker revolution.

c. technological advances in computers.

d. the increase in manufacturing.

e. the growth in the service sector

Question 14

Which of the following would typically be considered a staff, rather than a line, manager?

a. Human resource manager

b. Operations manager

c. Financial manager

d. Marketing manager

e. Sales manager

Question 15

Both the military and its suppliers became more interested person-job matching during

a. the Civil War.

b. World War I.

c. World War II

d. the Vietnam War.

e. the Korean War

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