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To ensure effective operations in healthcare, the improvement strategy I would recommend is the implementation of data-drive approach. In most healthcare organization, lack of data or an effective point of reference brings about the inefficiency. There is a need to adapt the data-driven approach that ensures making informed decisions from a common point of view. When utilizing data in decision-making, the process become easier and effective (Mohammad, 2018). In a healthcare setting, the decisions made are crucial and therefore should be based on facts. To maintain long-term success in a healthcare organization, additional methods of providing more efficient and cost-effective quality healthcare is needed. All this will be based on a healthcare data approach, which will help the practitioners make informed decision. There are numerous changes that occur may be in terms of Medicaid or Medicare and which requires adjustments in how the organization operates. Without facts, the adaptation process will be impossible and therefore a need to embrace a data-drive approach.

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