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I’m stuck on a Engineering question and need an explanation.

Write a report summarizing some of what you have learned of the various fossil fuels including

coal, natural gas and oil. A partial list of things that should be addressed or summarized would

include the following items but would not necessarily be limited to them alone. This is not a

simple question and answer assignment. Prepare an actual report with topics, arguments where

appropriate, supporting data, and conclusions where appropriate. Follow the assignment report

guidelines already established and stay within the page limitations.

1. Identify the current commercially available coal fired electrical power plant types in service,

and state what their various advantages and disadvantages are.

2. Identify what you think is the best type of coal power plant option for future use in terms of

fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness/cleanliness. Present the reasons/argument that

leads you to this conclusion.

3. Identify the differences between Direct Liquefaction and Indirect Liquefaction of coal and

identify the advantages and disadvantages of both.

4. Discuss various current uses of natural gas and how these will be affected if natural gas

becomes unavailable at an affordable price.

5. Shale gas is currently a very important energy resource and will likely remain important into

the future. However, there are some negative opinions about it especially regarding its

environmental aspects. Identify the negative opinions surrounding shale gas and present

your own opinion on it with supporting arguments, data, and conclusions.

6. In the U.S., the faction of oil use in the transportation sector is the biggest and this fraction is

still growing. Simultaneously, the price of gasoline is very important in how it affects our

daily lives and our economy. Develop opinions about whether or not the gasoline price

should be higher than it is now and whether or not the price should be artificially

inflated/taxed to decrease the overall use of gasoline? Form and support opinions based on

the point of view you believe policy makers would likely have and from your own point of

view as a consumer/end user.

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