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Moore-Garg Job Strain Index

The Moore-Garg Job Strain Index was proposed by Moore and Garg as a means to assess jobs for risk of musculoskeletal disorders of the distal upper extremities (hand, wrist and elbow).

Complete the Moore-Garg Job Strain Index based upon the case below using the spreadsheet developed by the University of South Florida (ASHX).

The spreadsheet contains three tabs. Be sure to complete the tab that says Strain Index and the one that says Strain Index (Automatic), which isn’t actually automatic. After completing the assessment, upload your completed and saved Excel® spreadsheet.

The following information is provided for the case.

The following information was obtained during an ergonomic assessment at a boat manufacturer. The data presented below were captured during an assessment of the shower door assembly job task.

Intensity of Exertion

Percent Duration of Exertion

Efforts per Minute

Hand/Wrist Posture

Speed of Work

Duration of Task per Day (hours)

Obvious effort; unchanged facial expression

30 to 49

4 to 8

Marked deviation

Rushed, but able to keep up

2 to 4

Be sure to also answer the following questions and submit your answer to the following questions either in the comments section when uploading your assignment or as a separate uploaded document:

What is the job strain index score?

Is this job hazardous as it is currently completed? Why or why not?

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