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I’m working on a Environmental Science question and need guidance to help me study.

Please listen to Jonathan Safran Foer’s Town Hall Seattle recording. (Links to an external site.) He asks:

“How many people in this room, just being perfectly honest, have a plan for how they are going to respond to climate change? Having a plan, it’s a really hard thing to codify a plan because it risks acknowledging your own limits and how unambitious your own limits are… Maybe I can make a better plan, I’m not exactly sure, I know I’ll be somewhat inconsistent with that plan. But I can tell you that life feels very different simply having a plan.”

For your final assignment, submit your “plan” about what you will DO differently (if anything) with your food choices to respond to climate change*. This maximum ONE-PAGE, single-spaced personal action plan should include:

  • An introductory paragraph on what you learned from the seminar
  • Your top 3-6 action items in the SHORT, MEDIUM, and LONG term; these can be selected from the action items that you have been considering and submitting over the quarter
  • 1-2 action items you learned about from a colleague in NUTR 400/500 that you would consider incorporating into your plan

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