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I’m stuck on a Science question and need an explanation.

Answer the following essay questions using the Internet, text, Powerpoints, lecture notes, articles, videos or any other supplemental material provided that can support your position and be sure to cite where necessary. I am looking to determine whether or not you have “connected the dots” so to speak. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a right or wrong answer, make your case based on the facts presented. I want logical thought behind your reasoning. I am grading you on how thorough you are with your answers (I would expect no less than three type-written pages per essay question), whether or not you answered the question I actually asked you to answer, proper grammar, spelling, etc. – all the rules of formal writing. I expect to see a complete reference page which can be included at the end (no need for a separate one for each essay unless you choose to do so) along with in-text citations. All of this needs to be in APA format. If you fail to have material cited, I will assume that they are plagiarized and award you a 0 and forward the matter to the Academic Integrity Board. If you have any questions at all, please ask. These will be worth a total possible 50 points per question.

1. Chapter 2 of the provided text in Module 2: History of Emergency Management introduced only a limited array of historical incidents that contributed toward the maturing of American emergency management. However, countless others exist among locales, states, regions, and the nation. Do some historical research and identify two events (not contained within that chapter) that contributed toward the maturing of American emergency management. Write an essay that substantively and critically analyzes the merits and significances of your chosen events with respect to the maturing of American emergency management.

2. Chapter 5 in Module 4 introduced the importance of leadership within the context of emergency management. Perform some research concerning three FEMA leaders that were responsible for leading emergency management efforts during significant events. Examine their individual characteristics as leaders. Write an essay that compares and contrasts their leadership abilities. Some may have been successful while others may have not been – there are a wide range of FEMA heads and disasters to choose from.

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