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Overview: For Milestone Four, you will describe the implementation and communication strategy (or strategies) for your alternative strategic approach.

Milestone Four is due in Module Seven.

Prompt: Draft a 2- to 3-page short paper. Describe in detail the implementation and communication strategy (or strategies) for your proposed alternative strategic approach.

Be sure to address all critical elements listed below. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. Implementation and Communication Strategy (or Strategies) for the Proposed Alternative Strategic Approach

A. Describe in detail the potential implementation strategy for the alternative you have proposed.

B. What outreach strategy( or strategies) would you select to effectively communicate the alternative to the target audience, and why do you feel it is appropriate for the target audience? Be sure to substantiate your claims with research.

C. What are some of the barriers you might face in trying to reach out to this target population? If you feel no barriers would exist, be sure to explain your reasoning.

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