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I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

This is a fun and easy assignment, i just don’t have time time to do it…

  1. Access the AHIMA Career Map:
  2. For each career map level, select a career position title that you are interested in learning more about. (Rest your mouse on the white dots in each row. Fill the position titles in the table below.)
  3. Go to the AHIMA Job Bank, or use other online job search tools such as,,, or
  4. Complete a job search for each of the four positions on your spreadsheet
  5. Review the search results. Once you find a job description that is of interest to you, paste the requested information in the columns attached.
  6. Compare the competencies for the four levels of careers. Answer the following about your table:
    1. List similarities in competencies among the career map levels:
    2. List differences in competencies among the career map levels:
    3. Reflect on your upcoming HI career. Which level do you aspire to?
    4. What draws you to that level?
    5. What do you need to do to reach that career map level? Be specific.

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