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I’m studying for my Science class and need an explanation.

I have had bad experiences with viruses in the past.

It’s mainly because I used to be lazy and if I got a pop up on the screen to update my machine I would keep clicking not now, which eventually caused my computer to get a lot more viruses when all I had to do was check it the first time I got a notification.

I realized I was getting spam because I was not paying attention to what websites I was pulling up or clicking on. Even one accidental click can give you a virus on your computer, it is sad that that is how easy it is.

Working at a defense contractor you have to be very careful what websites you’re on and what emails you open. Sometimes they will send “fake “suspicious emails to see who actually pulls them up. We took a training when we first started that showed emails like the one they sent and to be aware that it is spam and we should not open it. I accidently opened two “fake emails” when I started and within a few days had a virus on my computer. I now have Norton security on my home computer and I’m not sure what my company uses. The recommendation I would give is to keep up to date on all your security software and be aware of what emails you open and what websites you click on. By doing so it should minimalize your chances of getting a virus.

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