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When talking about cloud computing, we tend to think about a typical cloud computing system/server, such as gmail or something along those lines. When implementing virtualization, there can be serious benefits to implementing vitalization with cloud computing. When including virtualization with cloud computing a company may look forward to server virtualization, protection from system failure, transfer of data, and storage virtualization to name a few. With server virtualization, the company can have a physical server and implement virtualization into it and it could be divided up into multiple sections to assist with load balancing. With protection from system failure, it’ll allow the company to be able to open the same work on another device and be able to protect from crashes because it will be able to store the data and easily rebooted when needed. With transfer of data, it allows the administrators to find data much faster and then they are able to also send it to its destination faster. Lastly. storage virtualization, this process can assist with the backup and recovery processes when a company is instructed and needed to do so.


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