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Discussion Question 1:

Understand the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Suggest necessary preventive measures for securing mobile phones against various attacks

Mobile device management (MDM) is software that allows for the IT administrators to take control of the device, secure and enforce policies on smartphones and tablets. Mobile device management will allow for the mobile devices to be managed, identified and allow for file sync.

What can Mobile device management preform to mobile devices? Well, it will allow for the devices to be inventory and tracked making it easy to know where all the mobile devices are located. It also allows for the IT team to distribute apps such as company required apps and phone protection software such as anti-virus. It can also the IT team to prevent software from being installed to mobile devices. IT can also assist in setting policies such as password enforcement and data encryption. Lastly worst case scenario it can remote wipe the device.

As you can see the Mobile Device Management (MDM) can give the IT team full access and control of the devices. However, if a hacker is able to get into the Mobile Device Management it will also allow them to gain full control of those mobile devices.


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Discussion Question 2:

What are the benefits of implementing virtualization in cloud computing?

I personally am full in on cloud computing mostly due to I don’t think the cost savings is truly thought out and I have a few security concerns from lessons in the past.

The two benefits that I could see is Failover and internal cost-effective. In AWS the way you should set up your workload is across two or more AZ or availability zone and two or more VPC or Virtual private cloud. The availability zone should be set up so one is on the east coast and the other in mid-west. This will protect you from events that may shut down a location or the east coast, etc. However, if your on-prem was setup correctly you would also have a failover site setup the same way.

Cloud computing could be cost-effective but I’m not sold on this fact. In both on-prem and cloud computing, you have to pay someone to build and maintain the VMs. The biggest cost saving I see is the cost of the server up front that you will have to pay on-prem. Cloud computing doesn’t have this high cost up front and also you don’t have to pay for part failures, such as hard drives and CPUs failing, etc. In Cloud, you are also on up to date technologies. However, you are paying and always paying for CPUs, Memory, and storage use. For now, there will be a point where if you can keep a server up and operational it will have been cheaper to buy an on-prem server then to use cloud computing.

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