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Lesson 5

Activity 1, Climate Change Inquiry Lab (in Important Documents)

Activity 2, Debate Climate Change

Students form small groups to debate the issue of climate change. Groups are assigned either to be pro or con.

Using guidelines for a Team Policy Debate, the teams will argue for or against a new Federal Policy that states: “Let it be known the all those living in the United States will decrease their carbon footprint by 50% within one year, or will be required to pay a fine to be determined.”

Teams first research the issue of climate change and any issues related to the proposed policy. Find as much documented, scientific data and support of your position.

Teams review the debate guidelines and ask questions of the instructor if needed to adequately prepare for the debate.

Teams debate the propose policy. The instructor and if possible others outside the classroom act as judges.

Third, Case Study

Complete the case study, Rising Temperatures, Differing Viewpoints: A case study on the Politics of Information.

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