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Help me study for my Engineering class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.


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Week 08 HW

Attached Files:

HW08 Clustering Methods

Q1 Textbook Exercises – Chapter 10 – Unsupervised Learning

Q2 Text Exercises – Applied

8. In Section 10.2.3, a formula for calculating PVE was given in Equation 10.8

On the USArrests data, calculate PVE in two ways:

(a) redo as was done in Section 10.2.3.

(b) By applying Equation 10.8 directly. Then, use those loadings in Equation 10.8 to obtain the PVE. These two approaches should give the same results.

Q3 Applied K-Means Clustering to the IRIS Dataset

Q4 Apply K-Means Clustering to the World Happiness Report 2017

Attached data sets and HW08 Template

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