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Help me study for my Engineering class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

1)Security Specialists conduct security assessments for organizations, and design security systems and processes. May specialize in areas such as physical security, personnel security, and information security. May work in fields such as health care, banking, gaming, security engineering, or manufacturing.

Read this week’s article “Being A Security Specialist: What You Really Do.” What duties and roles of a security specialist do you like and do not like? Why did you mention those particular duties and roles?

2)Discuss IT leaders can promote innovation. Use your own experiences as good or bad examples.

Forum rules:

    • Your answer must be substantive, which usually requires 300 words or more
    • Your answer must be well written and well organized
    • Your answer must include one properly formatted APA in-text citation to a scholarly reference. The full reference must be provided at the end of your answer with a link if one is available.

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