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I need help with a Engineering question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

1)This is the last discussion for this short semester. This one should be pretty easy. There are two parts:

Create a thread and do BOTH of the following:

a) Write a short paragraph on what chapter 11 was about

b) Describe whether you feel that online class discussion help in learning the material, or that they do not help. (And explain why or why not.)

2)Discussion question (Instructor)

In Chapter 6 of the text – Managing & Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach, the chapter discusses scalability and adaptability. This week we looked at how our IT demands must scale with our needs. This topic is a common issue found in business.

Reply to this Discussion question (600 or more words)

Using the lessons learned in Chapter 6 of the text about the challenges from an IT management standpoint, apply this knowledge to the following situation. You are the IT manager for a medical facility. The management is considering a move from an internal server running an electronic medical record system to a cloud system. List and defend with citations two reasons this is a positive change and two reasons this could be concerning or challenging.

This reply submission should be in the form of a letter to your company CEO or to the highest management report level for IT. You must have at least 2 scholarly journal articles along with your text to support your analysis. Try to find articles that are less than 5 years old.

Reply to any two of your classmate’s post (300 or more words). You do not need a new reference list with these replies, unless you cite sources not already cited in your original reply to the Discussion question. If so, include all sources cited in one reference list.

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