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I’m trying to learn for my Physics class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Research a method for each of the following measurements. These method should be as simple as they can be – Implementable 2,500 years ago …

I. Estimate the diameter of the moon

Hint: Recall Aristarchus (notes and book)

II. Estimate the distance Earth-Moon

Hint: Extend your arm, the width of your little pinky covers about 1 degree out of 360 degrees. How many moons can you fit in?

III. Estimate the ratio of the diameter of the Sun over its distance

Hint: Recall the pinhole method (book and notes) or remember that during an eclipse, the moon exactly covers the sun…

IV. Estimate the distance Earth-Sun

Hint: Google the parallax method or the method used by Aristarchus

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