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I need help with a Health & Medical question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Financial Statement.

Posted by Kyra

Financial statements are important for many reasons. If we look at them from just an internal purpose, they keep administrators informed on the performance of a business. Any business has the goal of making a profit and for those who are not actually involved with the day to day of the business having these statements give them the numbers that they need to make decisions. They also show areas that may need attention. When administrators look at departments that are supposed to be generating revenue and for some reason the numbers do not match the expected numbers, they are alerted that attention needs to be given to this area. Whether this means making cuts in certain areas to promote others or boosting areas to capitalize on their contribution.

If we take a look at financial statements from an external view, we see that they are helpful to consumers when they are making financial decisions as well. Since these statements are made public annually, they help consumers make investment decisions. The statements also help organizations build trust with their consumers. If an organization claims to be donating certain amounts to charity than their financial statements should reflect that as well. It is a way consumer can hold organizations accountable for what they put out.

Financial statements are important to both non and for-profit organizations. However, there availability differ depending on the structure of the organization. Both structures make these statements available annually on their websites. These structures also differ on the type of statements they generate. Non-profit organizations generate a statement of financial position which is like a for-profit’s balance sheet (Bragg, 2018). For-profit organizations that are publicly traded must go an extra step and submit their statements to the SEC for public access.


Bragg, S. (2018, May 18). Financial statements of nonprofits. Retrieved from…

Substance Abuse

Please respond with a minimum of 75 words

Posted by Rohan Steroids

As far as I can remember, steroids have been around and evident in a few areas, but mainly in the sports and athletic field. I was not privy to the medical advantages it possesses for treatments until this course. However, as mentioned, steroids always get a negative annotation due to the fact that it always portrayed in a negative light in the news and media. When it is mentioned that steroids are the lifestyle drug, it means that steroids have become so customary in those who desire a wealthy and social life. The wealthy are mostly the population who have access to this drug, so in a sense they are creating that vision for others and showing that in order to be social and wealthy you have to look the part to emit that “lifestyle.” According to Dr. Friedlander, around a million Americans will try steroids every year (Dr. Friedlander, 2013.) People will always wonder about the positive effects of steroids and what they can do to enhance his or her life. Unfortunately, they are only concerned about the social and lifestyle changing effects it could have and not about the positive medical effects it can have if used properly.

Friedlander, Dr. E. (2013) What effects might I see when starting up steroids? Retrieved on June 27th, 2019. Retrieved from…

Please respond with a minimum of 75 words

Posted by Latarra Steroids

I do think that steroids is the lifestyle drug, I do believe that certain people get hooked to them thinking they were not going to be doing it for long. When I think of people who use steroids, I automatically think of football players and baseball players. But I can not forget about the people that attend the gyms that are taking steroids to get bigger. I think of lifestyle drug as a popular drug of choice and from the video he stated that steroids do not get you high (anbj0991, 2012). I believe that steroids are here to stay only because it is something athletics do and it influences other people as well. Most people want to take steroids so that they can get that extra muscle mass (anbj0991, 2012). So people only start for a short period of time and it becomes addictive. So I think anything that is addictive is definitely a lifestyle drug of choice by people.

anbj0991. (2012). STEROIDS The Lifestyle Drug [AMERICAN UNDERWORLD] [YouTube Video]. Retrieved from

Please respond with a minimum of 75 words

Posted by April Current Literature Review

There is an opioid crisis in America and studies are showing there are adverse effects to babies who are born to mothers who have opioid addiction. This article speaks on the need for a supportive community for the mothers and their children. Complications from being addicted to opioids for children are being reported such are low birth weight as well as long tern behavioral issues. Opioid overdose has tripled for women in the last few years. This article shows how having a support system who is non judgement and quality care is important to women who are pregnant and dealing with opioid addictions. The program first identified the gaps in care, such as being low income, lack of social support and just being afraid of the stigma that comes with being a pregnant addict. Then it speaks on the multidisciplinary program that helps these mothers. This program provides service for the mother’s mental health, physical health, and emotional health. There is also follow up care and support that is provide even after they have the children up to the children first 3 years of life. Moms who go through these program had a higher rate of showing up for postnatal. Appointment, getting the children immunization on time, testing for Hep C, and developmental testing. (Fragassi, 2018)

Fragassi, P. A. (2018). Creating a Community of Support for Children and Families Affected by Opioid Dependence: Identifying and Addressing Gaps in Maternal–Fetal Care. Zero to Three , 11.

Please respond with a minimum of 75 words

Posted by Ashley Current Literature Review

Since 2015 alone, over 2 million adolescents in the U.S. ages 12 and above reported having an opioid substance abuse disorder (Housman & Williams, 2018). This was due to both illegal and legal prescription drug use. During 2000 to 2010, opioid prescriptions have increased by 300%-400%. With that being said, there has been an over 20,000 accidental deaths as a result (Housman & Williams, 2018). Among 12thgraders alone, 15% use prescription opioid, and 8% use them illegal. The most popular being hydrocodone, oxycodone, and tramadol. Primarily they are used for pain, but then they are used for the high and having a good time. For adolescents who choose to mix alcohol and energy drinks in combination, they are likely to abuse substances during that time. One of the studies discussed how a college student who was consuming energy drinks frequently was linked to cocaine abuse (Housman & Williams, 2018). All in all, this can be very hard on families. Knowing that your child became addicted to prescriptions or illegal drug use can cause family problems. These addictions are likely to cause medical issues as we such as seizures, kidney failure, psychotic conditions, and possibly death.


Housman, J., & Williams, C. (2018). Adolescent nonmedical use of opioid and alcohol mixed

with energy drinks. American Journal of Health Behavior, 42(5), pp. 65-73. Retrieved from…



Strategic planning

Please respond to the following post

Posted by Laketta Facilitator

The most important job of a facilitator is the intervention. While many planning committees designate employees to perform certain task, there typically is not a neutral party to help keep everyone functioning within a timely manner. When situations arise, which create a conflict of interest involving objectives of the strategic plan, it is helpful to have a person who has the same desired outlook but no vested interest aside from assisting with bringing the goal to life. As a facilitator the primary responsibilities include task that help maintain the organization of the project so that everyone is focused and prepared well enough to perform the task at hand. In order to effectively do so, the facilitator must have full knowledge of the capabilities of the people assigned to do the work. The interview process, the ability to provide insight to help guide workers and management staff along the way, streamlines the process and makes the implementation flow a little smoother as it keeps the production in line with the desired effective date of the plan roll out. Without a facilitator involved, implementing the strategic plan can become time consuming as information and processes can be misunderstood creating additional delays that prevent a for sure start up (implementation) date.


Cwiek, K., Davis, C., Dubow, M. & Stuecher, S., (2018) Healthcare strategic planning (4th ed.) Health Administration Press. Chicago, IL

Strategic planning

Please respond to the following post

Posted by Felicia Facilitator

The most important aspect of the facilitators job is structuring the process. The reason that I think this job is important is because the facilitator has to be a strong individual and guide the process throughout to make sure the ending result is a good result. (Harris, 2018) The facilitator also has to be on top of things and make sure that everything is in order to make sure the process runs smoothly. The facilitator structuring the process is also important because starting a process the facilitator is the one who chooses the leaders who they think are going to get the job done when the facilitator isn’t around the leaders have to be the ones who presents the ending process to the facilitator to decide if the outcome will be successful or fail is the outcome fails then that can have a big impact on the organizations future. Facilitators have a big role in the strategic process and are very important in this process to make sure that everything is in order and intact.

Harris, J.M. (2018). Healthcare Strategic Planning (4th ed). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Strategic planning

Please respond to the following post

Posted by Sierra benefits of strategic planning

Review the benefits of strategic planning. Identify the benefit you believe is most important and explain why you believe it is so important.

The healthcare field is always changing and progressing at a rate unlike any other. Over the past few decades it has become more and more important to plan for the future in order for any healthcare practice to be successful for years to come. By planning for the unknown, hospitals, clinics, private practices and other organizations in the healthcare field can be better equipped for whatever may come along down the road. Strategic health planning involves creating objectives and setting goals for where a company would like to go in the future, and then constructing a plan to achieve these objectives. In this industry especially, healthcare planning must consider potential government policy changes, technological advancements and economic trends that could change an organization’s operations in a significant way (Strata Decision Technology, 2018). When considering the benefits of strategic planning in the healthcare industry the most important benefit that I recognize is patient satisfaction and the ability to taken into consideration the needs, ideals, and concerns that are presented by patients and work in a way to ensure that the organization provide evidence-based, practical, and yet efficient and effective healthcare. Afterall healthcare organizations have the responsibility to meet the needs of those which they care for.


Strata Decision Technology. (2018, May 30). How Strategic Planning Benefits Hospitals & Healthcare Systems in 2019. Retrieved from…

Strategic planning

Please respond to the following post

Posted by Mindy benefits of strategic planning

There are several benefits that come from a high quality strategic plan for a healthcare organization but the one that stands out to me is the benefit that a great plan can have on a community. One way to take an HCO into the next generation is to harvest great ideas from its leaders and develop a success full plan (Norris, 2016). Leader in today’s health care should play close attention to the needs of the community that it serves, in my opinion. It would not be a wise business plan to have a HCO that specializes in plastic surgery in a community that has no desire for that service. Leadership should do research in the community that it serves and develop a vision and mission that is best suited to create a relationship with its consumers. The strategic planning process can help the HCO focus on the areas in the community that it needs to concentrate on with its investments; such as community outreach or mobile health clinics (Norris, 2016). The consumers are the heart beat of the community that a HCO serves and the community can guide the HCO in the direct of its needs. Not only is that a win for the community it is a huge benefit to the organization because the will also assist in driving the financial benefit of success.


Norris, T. (2016). Why is strategic planning so important. Retrieved from

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