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Can you help me understand this Environmental Science question?

Review: Keeping Workers Safe during Hurricane Sandy Cleanup and Recovery, OSHA Fact Sheet, OSHA Fact Sheet

Using this format, the hierarchy of controls, and the community vulnerability you are researching for your Case Study, list all potential responder hazards and applicable “protective measures” or “controls” (terms are often used interchangeably in industry)

HierarchyofControls.jpgPost your findings to this Discussion and include your answers to the below questions. Ensure you read peer posts, but there is no requirement to respond to a post.

  1. Do you feel there are sufficient controls that could plausibly be implemented to reduce risk factors to an “acceptable range” (given the nature of the emergency at hand)? Explain why or why not.
  2. Discuss what controls are currently in place in your community.(Los angeles )

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