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I’m studying for my Environmental Science class and need an explanation.

Climate Change and Water Rise in Major Bodies of Water

Cause and effect of climate change and the rise in water level of coastal areas and other bodies of water.

Read Climate Impacts on Coastal Regions Century

Read Climate Change

Investigate the Chesapeake Bay and possible effects of climate change

Click on each region of the bay to see how it has been affected. Do you find a difference on the effect at the lower end of the bay and the far top of the bay? What are the conditions in different locations that might contribute to the cause?

Assignment: locate other bodies of water such as the San Francisco Bay, Great Lakes, or others, and find data on whether the water in these bodies is rising. Then find out what scientists believe is causing it and what effect this is or will have on sea life, vegetation, and or people living in the region. Make a graphic representation of the area, the cause, and effect.

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