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I need support with this Biology question so I can learn better.

create a discussion board reply about a specific type of cancer. Think of your discussion board post as being an informative (but brief!) article teaching your classmates about that specific type of cancer.

To get started, visit the “A to Z List of Cancer Types” at the National Cancer Institute of National Institutes of Health (Links to an external site.), and choose one specific cancer to investigate and share with your classmates (NOTE: choosing “childhood cancers”, “cancer in adolescents”, “leukemia”, and/or “metastatic cancers” are examples on the list that are NOT specific enough). Try to choose a cancer you may have heard about in the media or maybe had a loved one who was diagnosed. **Please make sure to also choose a disorder that has not been posted already.** Draft a discussion board post to include the following:

  • Name of cancer at the top of your post to easily organize the discussion
  • The normal function of the affected organ/tissue and how the cancer affects it
  • Risk factors for the specific cancer
  • Screen or tests for the specific cancer
  • Gene(s) and their mutations – name, location, and whether they are oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes (if known)
  • Treatment – which type(s) is/are preferred for this specific type of cancer (for example, general action or purpose, not an exhaustive list of drugs)
  • Statistics – number diagnosed in the United States and survival rate

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