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I’m studying and need help with a Science question to help me learn.

Until recently, my employer, ( a large hospital) would not allow employees to use any web browser other than Explorer. On my personal computers, I used Google

. When I tried to

it at work, I wasn’t allowed even though Explorer was glitchy and would partially load or make me believe the site itself had problems. Finally, my job got on board with Chrome and now internet problems are rare. I have yet to have my Gmail accounts hacked, no do I have to deal with those bloated pages full of newsfeeds, gossip or adds like on Bing or Yahoo. That’s a personal preference, but it’s one that makes a difference to me. All those extra things to click on seems to

opportunities to invite viruses, spam and other security risks into the


I honestly wouldn’t make any changes to

Google Chrome
. It’s suffecient. I like how basic it is and how I can personalize the page. The only thing that is on the page, other than the window to type in your search, is the most frequent sites I’ve been to recently. I really enjoy this because it saves me time from searching in my bookmarks.

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