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The United States has experienced more hurricanes in recent years than we have in the past and this can be contributed to global warming. Based on the number of storms each year and the strength of each storm, there has been an increase in hurricanes since the start of the 20th century (Levitt & Kommenda, 2018). Climate change means the world’s oceans continue to warm, contributing to more hurricanes. Warm waters ensure hurricanes are able to intensify in strength as well.

Without reversing or stalling global warming, these natural disaster which gravely affect our infrastructure, will only increase. Not only hurricanes, but tropical cyclone rainfall will increase due to anthropogenic warming and the accompanying increase in atmospheric moisture (GFDL, 2019). What’s worse is that the biggest challenge to global warming and climate change the free-riding incentives. While one country may bust their butt to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage, another country will likely see that and say “oh, they’re doing enough, I don’t need to contribute.” Wikipedia is a great example of this. Many of us use the Wikipedia site daily to confirm a question or learn about something new. It often asks us if we want to donate and I’d be willing to bet most of us say no, myself included. We are betting that this public service will be funding one way or another by someone else, yet we still use it like it is ours. The same goes for free riding incentives in terms of global climate change. Why should one nation contribute millions of dollars, reduce fossil fuels, etc, if no one else is helping the problem?

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