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I’m trying to study for my Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Currently, I use Google Chrome on my personal computer but at work my company (AstraZeneca) allows to use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as well. I prefer Google Chrome as I feel it is faster to browse but it also notifies you if a website you want to navigate is secure or not. Also, at work, we are required to do certain training on a monthly basis and Internet Explorer doesn’t find the links you are trying to get on. I wouldn’t change anything on my security browser settings for Google Chrome as it has stability, and because of it’s cross-platform (

Future versions of Google Chrome will allow the user to see if HTTPS encryption is or isn’t being used on the site they are trying to navigate through. Google Chrome aims to make this their standard in the near future which I believe will only help their already strong security and privacy settings even more. I plan to stick to Google Chrome both on my personal laptop, as well as my work computer, although Mozilla Firefox is another web browser I have considered in the past, but I just trust and have also gotten so used to Google Chrome, I wouldn’t replace it at this time.

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