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I’m studying for my Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

I learned a lot of things from this course. I learned to always have the most updated software, so you have less of a chance to be hacked. I learned to be aware of spam and things that you open up even including email attachments. This class is very useful for my future computer related activities. I am on the computer 90% of the time at work, and will continue to be for school. They are useful for me so I can show others, tell others the importance of security on the computer, potential hackers and just regular computer skills that can affect your computer in a positive or negative way. All of the information is very crucial, I think the more people know about security software, how to protect yourself and other computer related things people would be a lot more careful and we would have to deal with a lot less, hacking, or have such high potential of people retrieving your information that is not meant for others especially in a work setting for me working at a defense company if your computer gets hacked or spam, it is destroyed.

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