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What ways, if any, would you modify the planning steps for developing programs at each level of the public health pyramid.

Use at least two scholarly sources to cite your discussion findings.

Module Review for Reference:


The purpose of this module is to draw upon and adapt approaches developed for systems for use in local program planning. This module identifies tools and techniques currently used in planning public health programs or projects. The focus is not on the type of strategic planning done by health care organizations or agencies; rather, it is on tactical planning, which is the set of planning activities done to implement a broader, more global strategy. Tactical planning is more time-limited, is focused on meeting current needs and demands, incorporates current scientific knowledge in identifying viable and feasible alternatives, and progresses in stages from problem definition to implementation.

This module also provides an overview of needs assessment with full acknowledgement that, as with many aspects of program planning and evaluation, it is an area of specialization. The goal of a needs assessment is to guide and inform decisions related to program prioritization and development. A needs assessment is a procedure used to collect data that describes the needs and strengths of a specific group, community or population. One of the first tasks in planning and conducting a needs assessment is to determine who is likely to make up the target audience, and in what larger unit they are situated.

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