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I’m stuck on a Science question and need an explanation.

Food packages are the most frequently referenced nutrition tool for consumers. This discussion will help you to better understand nutrition labels. Your first post should be a minimum of 100 words and address the following points:

1) Answer this question: How confident are you in interpreting food labels? Does knowledge of the nutrient content in foods influence your purchases or meal planning?

2) Choose a food package from your cabinets. Do not choose a beverage or candy. Using the information you learned in Chapter 3 (see pages 81 – 82 and Tables 3.8 & 3.9), review your entire product package, which includes the ingredient list, the nutrient facts panel, and other nutrient and health claims ? Discuss one thing you learned in detail. Do not simply list nutrition facts. Do not focus on marketing terms such as “Extra Crunchy”. Focus on a health and nutrition claims that are defined by law (e.g. “May Reduce the risk of heart disease”).

Please identify your food item and include your name in the subject line of your initial post. Lastly, reply to at least one other student with an substantive comment.

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