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Qualitative Inquiry

Part I

Address the following in 200-300 words:

Revisiting the ideas and discussions on qualitative inquiry from your assigned text readings, provide three (3) 1-paragraph proposals for the following:

  • Why a qualitative approach may be appropriate for your area of interest
    • Include a rationale for each proposed use of qualitative inquiry.

Cite sources as appropriate.

Part II

Learning Reflections on Interview Strategies

Address the following in 200-300 words:

Why are open-ended questions an important part of qualitative research?

Based on the research question you devised earlier (based on your research interests) develop and list five open-ended questions that you might ask research participants in order to collect data that will address your research question. Along with EACH question, share a rationale for why you’re asking that specific question.

Part III

Address Part III in 200-300 words.

Participants are recruited for research in a number of ways. The methods used to recruit participants for research are called “sampling plans.” List and provide an explanation for at least three types of sampling plans used in qualitative research.

Which of the three might work best for your research, given your research question, use of qualitative research, and access to participants.

600–1200 words

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