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I need an explanation for this Ecology question to help me study.



In the Unit III Lesson, you learned about the overfishing and decline of the Atlantic Cod off the coast of Nova Scotia. Other populations of fish around the world have been affected in much the same way. This activity will help you explore which species are imperiled by current fishing practices and which are, for now, a relatively sustainable choice for the table.


For this assignment, you will need a computer with Internet access.

Part I

Click the following link:

Under “Ocean Issues,” click “Wild Seafood.”

Read each tab (i.e., Wild Seafood Home, Overfishing, Illegal Fishing, Bycatch, Habitat Damage, and Management).

Part II

Click the following link:

Read each tab under Aquaculture (i.e., Aquaculture Home, Wild Fish, Pollution & Disease, Escapes, Habitat Damage, and Management).

Part III

Click the following link:

Watch the videos and/or read the captions to learn about the different ways in which seafood is harvested. For some methods, there will be a video; for others, there will just be an image and a caption.

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