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I need help with a Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

What is your current level of fitness?Where will you work out?

Are you an intercollegiate athlete? If so which team?

For these next two questions, you will go online and search for Karvonen Formula for calculating your target heart rate and fill in your data and then calculate it. There are numerous links that will show you how to calculate these numbers and what the numbers mean in regard to your workout regime. In future assignments, you will be asked to incorporate these numbers into responses that measure your progress. Make sure you understand the requirements to get accurate numbers.

What is your resting heart rate?

What is your target heart rate?

My primary goal for this class is to (Pick at least two) and fill in blank in next area.

Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

Increase Strength

Increase Speed

Improve my skill level

Lose Weight

Healthy Living

Fitness Training

Other – ______________


Before you can answer the next question, you will need to go to Course Materials on Blackboard and read through the goal setting lecture. You need to make up SMART goal components for each of your goals.

Goal 1 ______________________






Goal 2 ____________________________






If you have more goals then keep going.

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