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I need support with this Health & Medical question so I can learn better.

Please ensure it is in APA format.

Your book talks about adverse selection as a major issue for the insurance providers. Using some external resources as well as your book, discuss the major issues hospitals have in relation to insurance coverage, and how health care reform intends on addressing some of those issues.

  • Write a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 350 words.
  • Support your post by citing one reference (other than the text) in the discussion.
  • Submit your original post by Thursday before midnight EST.
  • Respond to at least 1 other post by Sunday before midnight EST.
  • Failure to submit posts in a timely manner, meet the assigned minimum word count, include citations and references for external sources, or respond to an instructor or peer comment will result in a loss of points.
  • Note: Cite paraphrased information obtained from another source but do not use quotes.

    Standard HSA Discussion Instructions

    • To avoid point loss, carefully follow all assignment instructions and the HSA Discussion Rubric Guidelines.
    • Review this Discussion Sample to get a better sense of what is expected of your discussion content and participation.
    • Complete your original post before 11:59 p.m. Thursday, EST.
    • Complete at least 2 peer replies before 11:59 p.m. Sunday, EST.
    • Note that responses to instructor comments do not count toward the minimum number of peer replies.
    • Provide properly formatted citations/references for all source material (see HSA Style Guide).
    • Do not use any quoted or copied material.

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