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Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

1)Week 1: Discussion #2: Network Neutrality.

Research the Internet on the topic of Net Neutrality. Use the provided links below.
In your own words answers the following:
– Define Network Neutrality. How the new FCC rules on Net Neutrality would affect Internet subscribers?
– How the new FCC rules on Net Neutrality affects cloud computing industry?
– In addition to the above two posts, respond to at least one of your classmate posts?

2)After reading Chapter 1 in your textbook, please provide a brief/summative response to the following assessment question. (at least 400 words for your initial post and at least 100 words each for responses to two fellow course-mates posts).

Q1: Is information Governance (IG) a project or an ongoing program for business organizations? Briefly describe your point of view

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