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  • 2P1: Risk, Hazard and Controls

    • Define risk and provide an example.
    • Define hazard and provide an example.
    • Define control.
  • Item

    BP America Refinery Explosion

    Review the Investigation Details from the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board on the BP America Refinery Explosion that occurred in March, 2005.

  • Assignment

    2A1: PDCA Summary BP America Refinery Explosion

    Utilizing the investigation details provided by the US Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board, identify one failure of BP’s safety program. Using the PDCA cycle, write a summary of each step of the cycle using the failure you identified, and respond accordingly to the following:

    • Provide a detailed introduction on the failure in BP’s safety program that you have identified.
    • Plan – Define the processes and objectives required to correct the results identified in the CSB investigation of this one failure.
    • Do – Define the objectives and processes that will be required to be implemented at BP America Refinery to correct this one failure.
    • Check – Identify methods to measure and monitor all the new processes that correct the one failure against OSHA standards. Identify areas where there could be failures in this new process.
    • Act – Identify the required internal actions to ensure that performance will continually improve regarding to this failure.
    • Summarize in your opinion, how the unidentified hazards in this case resulted in a catastrophic event.

    The summary must be a minimum of two pages in length, double spaced, not including the title page and reference list. You should have at a minimum, six paragraphs. The summary must include a minimum of four APA style headings – remember APA does not use Introduction and Conclusion as headings. The CSB final report and any additional sources you use must be cited in the text and references provided in APA style. APA style guide can be found at this link

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