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Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

  • How do laws protect populations in need of lifespan management? Provide an example of a recent issue in the news.

Read and respond to the two discussion posts below. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.

1.Laws protect safety and guarantees individuals won’t get abused people, organizations, and by the government. It also protects populations in need of lifespan management. One population in need if lifespan management is the elderly population. One law that pertains to lifespan management is The Nursing Home Reform Act. It was passed to make sure that that all residents receiving care in a nursing home receives the best quality of care. This is especially true to nursing homes that receives funding for individuals who receive Medicare and Medicaid services. The facilities must meet the standards set forth by the Nursing Home Reform Act. Some of them are the right to privacy, the right to join outside groups like churches, the right to participate in their care and financial management and the right to decide their own schedule. The state is responsible for confirming that nursing home facilities are in compliance with these standards. One example of a recent issue in the news is an elderly abuse case located in


. Medicaid Fraud Division of the Attorney General’s Office, Special Victims Unit, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and others have investigated this case. 7 individuals were arrested for neglect and trafficking of at-risk adults to live in their facilities. They obtained control over the individuals’ finances and housed them in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. The facilities the elderly lived in were enrolled as Medicare providers. The victims lived in horrible conditions and were isolated from their families. They were not treated with respect and dignity and they were also not provided with certain basic amenities. The 7 individuals were sentenced to jail because of this (Miller, 2019).


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2.WK 3 How do laws protect populations in need of lifespan management?

According to (chapter5) Nursing Home Litigation, regulatory oversight for clinical care delivered in certified nursing homes is authorized under the Nursing Home Reform Act (OBRA-87). States can use their enforcement powers to take action against facilities that do not comply with federal and state standard (chapter5) Nursing Home Litigation.

Litigation is a legal action for plaintiff and defendant. Lawsuits are bought against the facility for pain, suffering or death. Research shows that the threat of litigation is not likely to lead to widespread improvements in nursing home quality (Konetzka et al., 2013). Another downside of litigation is that it increases health care costs. Federal funded facilities patient has the right to not be denied according to the Civil rights Act of 1964. The OBRA rights for the patients to help against abuse, neglect and misappropriation. An example of an issue of a law in the news that protects population of lifespan management is; The Americans Elderly Act that provides Federal funding to create projects to safe guide the elderly from abuse of any kind by providing community planning and social services.

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