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Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

Write a paper in APA format…in the attachment “paper 1 instructions” it shows you how to write the paper. The first 7 pages are an example of how the final paper will look like. On page 8 is where the assignment starts, there are 5 parts to it you only have to do part 3 which i highlighted in yellow on page 9. Here is part 3:

Part 3: Private Sector Organizations

  • Review the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Commission (EU). It includes many provisions and arguably strengthens data protection for individuals within the EU. It even includes the right to be forgotten. The United States does not have a similar regulation. There have only been a few regulations implemented related to US citizens’ private data, which include medical and financial industries. Some argue implementing regulation such as GDPR in the United States would hinder innovation. They contend that the End User License Agreements (EULA) provide enough protections and allow the citizens to make the choice of what is and is not shared.
    • As a private sector organization, do you believe that an equivalent to GDPR should be implemented in the United States?

    – Please write as much as you can and Don’t forget to add references

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