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I need help with a Engineering question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Remember before u handle this work, this work is so important to me, so i will revise it many times before i turn it in and I will rate u depend on your work quality such as providing correct and full response and meet all requirements in the attached instructions. Please avoid the Lack of depth in your response and plagiarism bcz I’ll check it with the ((Turn it in website.))

I need the following:

1. write only about one page

2. The first-half (or so) of your review should provide a summary of the paper. This section should be labeled Summary. It should not contain excessive quotes or equations. Simply summarize the paper and results in your own words

3.The second-half (or so) of your review should provide constructive criticism of the paper. That is, discuss what the authors could have done to make the paper better. Only critique the paper within the context of the work done (i.e. stating the topic is irrelevant is not a criticism). Also, note if there are any problems with the paper. Label this section Recommendations.

4. Do not repeat text or equations in your review unless absolutely necessary. Use of quotes for repeating text from the paper is required. Overuse is discouraged.

5. Use 12 point font.

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