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I’m studying and need help with a Science question to help me learn.

200 word min with reference to include biblical reference

Assessments are an important part of education. However, how a teacher decides to give the assessment differs from classroom to classroom. In the science classroom, authentic assessment is essential. This is due to the nature of what an authentic assessment is, Mueller (2018) says it is, “A form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills.” These real-world problems will help students to enter life outside of the classroom. In a college forensic pathology classroom, authentic assessments were how we applied our discussions to real world applications. Our professor set up different stations and each station had a question or a problem that needed to be solved. It was up to the student to apply what they learned in order to solve the crime. In an elementary classroom, this type of assessment could allow those students who struggle with the traditional format of testing as well. Many students struggle with answering the typical fill in the blank, bubble answer, or essay type assessment. Having to apply what is learned into everyday problem solving, also helps students use problem solving skills in their future endeavors.

A teacher must be ready and prepared to be effective at teaching. Part of this is being able to use the authentic assessment to their advantage. Mueller has explained and given a diagram to help educators identify and be successful at planning. First an objective must be identified or at least understand what the learner needs to do based on the learning standard. A authentic task will then be created that the student must be able to perform in order to show some sort of mastery in the learning objective. The next part of this outline can be difficult, but the teacher must create a outline of what mastery is and what the different levels of this are within their rubric for the topic or project. These levels can be separated by a wide margin or a small one, but need to be clearly addressed to give the students a clear idea of what they need in order to move up and down a level. Once all the data is collected from the assessment, teachers can then use this moving forward to help plan other aspects of their class and course work. It is important that a teacher be able to adjust and adapt to the level of knowledge of their students. If the objectives are not being met, then the teacher can readjust their outline to help better serve the student.


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