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Agrawal, S. K., Gautam, H., Choudhary, A. H., Das, B. K., Kumar, L., & Kapil, A. (2019). Central line-associated bloodstream infections in cancer patients: An experience from a tertiary care cancer centre. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, 37(3), 376–380.

This article examines the cases of central line-associated bloodstream infection in cancer patients, which have been noted to be a major source of morbidity and, sometimes, even death, making care for such patents difficult. The results of the study indicate that the rate of CLABSIs in cancer patients was 2.1 episodes for every 1000 central venous catheter days. The predominant cause of CLABSI out of the sampled population were Gram-negative bacilli at 53 of the 73 patients, other causes like isolated organisms, and polymicrobial infections. One of the strengths of this article is that it highlights the specific causes of central line-associated bloodstream infections amongst cancer patients, while its major weakness is in the small sample size used for the study.

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