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Situation: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is the “integration of the best possible research” evidence with clinical knowledge and expertise, along with patient preferences and needs. Thinking critically about practice problems is an important component of EBP. Reflecting on why we do things in a particular way and critically thinking through a problem in a purposeful, systematic way are vital steps in the process.

The community nurse utilizes his or her clinical judgment and expertise to reflect on the practice of community health nursing and determine if safe, effective, quality, and cost-efficient care is being delivered. Problems or situations that need clarification can then be identified, and current research can be reviewed to guide needed changes in practice.


  • Underserved populations

Assignment: Choose one of the previous topics and develop the following steps of the EBP, reflecting them in the APA paper.

  1. Ask a clinical question in PICOT format.
  2. Search for and collect the most relevant best evidence.
  3. Critically appraise the evidence, and then synthesize that evidence.
  4. Use reasoning, processing, defining, planning, and documenting to guide subsequent actions in addressing the issue.

Assignment Instructions:

  • Construct 4-5 page APA-formatted paper (not including Title and Reference pages).
  • Review the latest APA edition for guidelines. (
  • Utilize course content, your textbooks, professional journal articles, and professional websites as references for your work. (A minimum of 5 professional references with at least 3 nursing journal articles required).

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