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Situation: Electronic medical record (EMR) systems, are electronic record of health-related information on an individual that can be created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized staff within one health care organization. Students must review the available evidence based literature on EMR systems with respect to goals, utilization, advantages compared with hand written records, and the different sources of EMR, as well as problems and/or disadvantages of the EMR system.

Topics for Discussion: NextGEn

I. What is an electronic medical record (EMR)? Give examples.

  • How do Electronic Medical Record Systems Work?
  • Challenges in Using an Electronic Medical Record
  • The Electronic Medical Record and Medical Error
  • The Electronic Medical Record and Research
  • Patients and Electronic Medical Records

II. Pick two EMR for comparing the following aspects in both:

  • Potential Benefits of the Electronic Medical Record
  • Potential Problems with the Electronic Medical Record

Assignment Instructions:

  • Construct 4-5 page APA-formatted paper (not including Title and Reference pages).
  • Review the latest APA edition for guidelines. (
  • Utilize course content, your textbooks, professional journal articles, and professional websites as references for your work. (A minimum of 5 professional references with at least 3 nursing journal articles required).

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