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School, Community, and Adolescent Health Profile

Description:Using guided prompts and online resources, create a school, community, and adolescent health profile to guide your curricular and instructional decisions.

Purpose: To be an effective instructor, you must use knowledge about your students to inform your teaching and learning.

Directions: Identify a county and a school on which you’d like to focus for your profile. Then, follow the prompts below.

School Profile

Use these resources to complete this task:

  • Illinois Report Card website:
  • School/District website
  • What is the school’s name, address, and website URL?
  • What is the socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic mix of students in the school?
  • What percent of students:

1. Contact information

2. School information

percentage Come from low-income families?

percentage Are English language learners?

percentage Have a disability?

percentage Are mobile? (i.e. change schools in a given year)

percentage Come from low-income families?

3. Based on the Illinois Report Carddata, what facilitators or barriers to learning and optimal health status might your students at your selected school face?

County Health Profile

Go to the County Health Rankings website:

Locate health information for the county in which your selected school resides.

a. What health behavior risk factors stand out (high or low) compared to state average (smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol impaired driving, sexually transmitted infections, teen births, diabetes screening, mammography screening)?

b. Whatenvironmental risk factors stand out (high or low) compared to state average (food environment, access to exercise, violent crime, injury death, air pollution, drinking water violations)?

c. What do these county trends suggest is important to focus on in health education? Specifically, from what types of health literacy skills instruction might young people (who will become future adults!) in this county benefit?

National Adolescent Health Profile

Go to the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) web site:

1.In the middle of the page, click on OVERVIEW. What is the YRBSS and what do they monitor?

2.On the left side, click on RESULTS. Scroll down and click on the topics in the section called Trend Facts Sheets. What are the recent trends for..? (Choose at least 3 to report, but feel free to explore!)

a.Alcohol use

b.Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injury

c.Behaviors that contribute to violence

d.Marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal drug use

e.Obesity, dietary behaviors, and weight control practices

f.Physical activity

g.Sexual behaviors and HIV testing

h.Suicide-related behaviors

i.Tobacco use.

3.How do these trends compare to the findings on your selected county?

4.What do these national trends suggest is important to focus on in health education? Specifically, what health literacy should be taught to young people in order to positively impacted health-related behaviors now and the future?

Submission Guidelines:

1. Use Arial, Time New Roman, or a similar font style; use 10, 11, or 12 point font

2. Cite all sources using APA in-text citation format. Not sure how to do that? Here are three resources:

a) Penn State University Libraries’ APA In-Text Citation Guide

b) OWL (Online Writing Lab at Purdue University) – In-Text Citation Guide

c) Suffolk Community College – APA In Text Citation video

3. Double or single-spaced is fine.

4. Use the following heading:

Your Name Adol Health Profile Semester Year Banas

5. Save your file as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf. All other word document formats cannot be opened in D2L and will receive a grade of “0.”

6. Submit to the appropriate D2L folder. Emailed assignments are not accepted.

7. Want to be sure that I received it? The D2L assignment folder for this assignment shows a timestamp indicating when it was submitted.

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