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Choose a teacher or a director who is available to interview about how they design and set-up
their learning environment. Ideally the professional you choose should have at least five years of
teaching experience. Let them know that your interview is going to focus on the learning
environment and how they set it up to create an inclusive learning environment for their students.

You will write the paper in a “question and answer” format. After you write the question and the
answer your interviewee gave you, then you write what you think about their answer. If you have
ideas about how they might improve the environment you will write about that as well.

1. Write the Question

2. Write the Interviewee’s Answer

3. Write your opinion or the ideas you have after each question

Include the following questions, and write at least three of your own questions.

1) How do you help parents in your program feel welcome? Do you have any special areas in
your school that are designed for parents? If so, describe them.

2) Describe your learning centers. What do you do to make the learning centers reflect the
culture of the children in your program? What kinds of props, images, foods and/or materials do
you use to reflect multiculturalism? How do you decide what kind of books to read to the

3) Tell me about your staff members. Do any of the staff members speak languages other than
English? Do any of the teachers speak languages that the children in your center speak? Are your
staffs from diverse backgrounds or are most or all of your teachers from similar backgrounds?

4) What does your center do to make immigrant families feel welcome and comfortable? Are
their any special resources available for new comers?

5) How will you handle it if you see a child or a group of children excluding a child from playing
or making a child uncomfortable for who they are or how they look?

6) Have you had any special training focused on diversity or multicultural education? What was
it like? Was it a class, a workshop, a speaker or did you do your own research and reading?

ADD your own questions here:
Notes: 1. Fix the name of school, name of the teacher, phone number and address of the school,
the school should be in San -Diego.

2. Answer the six questions as a teacher in the specific school and according to the environment
in this school.
3. Add more three question to ask the teacher, and write the answer of the teacher.(one of the
three question should be about the curriculum they follow in that school.)
4. For each question gives your thought.

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