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This assignment centres around infectious disease prevention and management planning for the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Scenario: You are the public health advisor responsible for establishing the processes to manage potential risks associated with the conduct of the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. This event will see a substantial influx of local and international athletes, support staff, spectators and tourists.

This expansion of the population between over the weeks that the Women’s World Cup are held will place added stress on local community infrastructure, thus posing potential public health risks, particularly in relation to infectious disease. You will apply your knowledge and understanding of disease prevention and management principles to address the following (approximate distributions of word count):

  • Description of the Sydney and Auckland environment relevant to infectious disease (400 words)
  • Outline of infrastructure related to infection control and management (400 words)
  • Outline major infectious diseases of concern and their relevant etiology and epidemiology
  • (600 words)

  • Describe infectious disease health services capacity and identify critical control points
  • (400 words)

  • Describe the role of transport access in affecting risk of infectious disease transmission
  • (200 words)

    Due date:

    Weighting: 40%

    Length and/or format: Purpose: 2000 words (+/-10%)

    To apply knowledge of infectious disease etiology to anticipate population heath risk, and develop appropriate prevention and management strategies to attenuate this risk in the context of the increased demands presented by a major sporting/cultural event.

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