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I need help with a Physics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

1.) Physical Quantities and their units

We start with the basic quantities (distance, time, etc.). The units are from the S.I. system (modern metric system), but since we will also use English units we must use conversion factors — how to convert between them (e.g. — how many kilometers are there in 100 miles?)

2.) Motion

The basic physical laws describe how objects move in time. We then construct “compound” quantities (built up from the basic ones) like velocity and acceleration, which describe motion. We use these concepts to start learning the Laws of Motion. We start with Galileo’s Laws for falling bodies, and the formulas he developed from them (“constant acceleration formulas”).


QUIZ # 1 — on subjects 1.) and 2.)

1.) You will NOT be able to go back after you have clicked “Next” on a question, so make sure your answer is complete.

2.) There are 3 numerical problems, questions 8,9, and 10. The three calculation problems will be presented together, and you will need to upload a copy of your solutions. Solve them on one sheet of paper, and upload just one picture or document. MAKE SURE you have ENOUGH TIME to do this! And the upload must include all your work — no credit for just answers!

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