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I’m working on a Science exercise and need support.

I already wrote my lab report, but I need it to be edited based on this feedback from professor:

“You need to have better labels and titles for your graphs. You start the experiment by using a wide range of temperatures as you are looking for the range where you will find the optimum temperature, which is great. You also need to focus within that range to study temperature changes in smaller steps so you get a better idea of the optimum temperature.”

Your write up should be in non numeric, paragraph form. Your write up should be in a formal style. Your write up should be in a format described in the handout.Your write up should be clearly and formally written Your write up should have clearly identified sections (include headers for each section),Your write up should have well-done graphs and tables (1) appropriate titles, 2) labeled axis, and 3) a short narrative describing the table or graph).

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