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I’m studying for my Engineering class and need an explanation.

I’m a dog person, so apologies to the many cat people in class if this problem is wacky. Quarantine business idea: Catnip extract. The active ingredient in catnip is nepetalactone, which makes up 3 wt% of the catnip plant. Assume the remaining components of catnip are 25 wt% water, 50% cellulose, and the balance other components. After extraction, the waste catnip contains 0.99 wt% cellulose and 0.3 wt% other components on a dry basis. Nepetalactone oil can be purchased on Amazon for $10.95 for 2.5 mL of catnip essential oils, of which 85 wt% is nepetalactone. For your business, your friend and co-investor is covering capital (one-time) costs. You are covering the operating costs, which amount to $20 per day. a) How much (mL) pure nepetalactone do you need to sell per day at Amazon’s price for the nepetalactone ($/mL pure nepetalactone) to break even with your operating costs investment? b) How many pounds of catnip plants will you need to break even? Assume sg of the catnip essential oils as well as the pure nepetalactone are 0.92.

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