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  • Go to “Healthy People 2030 objectives are organized into intuitive topics so you can easily find the information and data you’re looking for. Pick a topic you’re interested in and explore the relevant objectives.” (Healthy People 2020).
  • From any of the health conditions, health behaviors, populations, settings and systems and social determinants of health, choose three conditions or problems that are affecting our community and present a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must include the following.
  • Identify the epidemiologic principles that were applied based on what you studied on the lecture.
  • The application of the three levels of prevention to each one of the conditions identified.
  • Mention and discuss how the three conditions affect your community.

a.Mention and discuss “The Healthy People 2030” goals for the conditions, objectives to control or eradicate the conditions, the emergency preparedness and the role of our health care system in the prevention, control and/or eradication of the conditions chosen.

The presentation must be in APA PowerPoint format with a minimum of 15 slides (excluding first and references page). A minimum of 4 evidence-based references including the “Healthy People 2030” must be used. You must use the required APA font.

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