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Part 1:Part 1 of the Community Health Assessment Paper is due on 9/21/2020 by 8 AM. This draft will not be graded. It is a chance for you to write your paper and then allow me to review it and note any corrections which may be needed prior to submitting the final paper.Part 1 should include:Introduction sectionAssessment section:oFindings of the community health assessment (brief town history, windshield survey, interviews, at least applicable 3 peer-reviewed/scholarly articles written within the past 5 years, statistical material, etc.)Analysis section:o3 community strengthso3 community weaknesseso3 prioritized community nursing diagnoses which should include the problem AS RELATED TO and AS EVIDENCED BY.

Care of the Client in the CommunityCommunity Health Assessment Group Project GuidelinesFall 2020The Community Health Assessment Group Paper and Presentation should be constructed as a professional assessment which could be presented to city leaders, citizens, as well as colleagues, and others. This should be written in APA format (7th Ed.).***Please see the Community Health Assessment Group Paper Rubric for more detailed information***Part 2:The final and complete Group Community Assessment Paper is due on 10/16/2020 by 8:00 AM.Part 2 of the group paper should include:A Title PageAn Abstract (1 page summary of your Community Health Assessment/Planned Intervention/Evaluation)Part 1 of the paper with correctionsPlanning section (describing your planning process for your Community Intervention)Intervention section (provide enough details so it could be implemented in the future, if needed)Evaluation section (how you would evaluate your intervention and how it related to the Community Nursing Diagnoses)Conclusion section (Summing up your paper and relating it to the community’s strengths, weaknesses, community nursing diagnoses, and the benefit for the community)Reference Page

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