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Activity 1: Timeline of Microbiology

Work individually or with a group to design a digital timeline of the field of microbiology with major discoveries, important people in field, and modern developments. You will need to use the information that you put into your concept map for this activity.

Activity 2: The microscope.

1. Practice with an actual or virtual microscope until you can name all the parts

2. Learn how to use a Virtual Microscope

3. Watch the video How to Use the Compound Microscope

4. Complete the quiz on the parts of the microscope and high magnification. This is completed electronically. You can either take a picture of your completed score and submit or show the instructor the completed quiz.

Activity 3: Microscope Lab

If you have not previously completed these two activities, do them now. If you have and feel comfortable with the microscope you may move on the to the next step 2.Use the directions to learn about: Positioning objects for viewing on a compound microscope

1. Adjusting magnification and bringing objects into focus

2. Caring and handling of a microscope and microscope slides

Activity 4: Learn about experimental design

1. Read about dependent vs. independent variables. Think of examples of both in experimental design.

Activity 5: Case Study

Case Study: A Simple Plan

First, download the case study. Second, read Part I, analyze the experiment that was carried out and then answer the questions 1 – 9. Third, read Part II of the case study. As you work through this part you will find a series of questions about the case. At the end of questions 3 and 4 there are discussion questions. Complete these.

Submit the case study answers Here

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